Preventative maintenance will keep your air conditioner in peak running conditions keeping your electricity bills down, guarantee your systems warranty and minimise breakdowns by detecting the early signs of potential problems and rectifying them before they cause inconvenience and unwanted expenses. Whether you’re in a small home or running a large corporate business regular maintenance of air conditioning systems will most likely save you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars. Depending on your situation and how often your systems run will vary the amount of services per year your system requires. For homes generally once every 12 months and for business running there systems every day usually 2-4 times a year. Maintenance deals can be organised so we remind you when your maintenance is due.

Corporate Cooling

Our Maintenance includes:

  • Removal cleaning and re-fitting of filters
  • Check refrigerant gas charge
  • Check and test system electrically
  • Greasing bearings where required
  • Tensioning or replacing belts when needed
  • Check system mechanically
  • Flushing accessible drains
  • Clean condenser coil where required
  • Clean return air grills where required
  • Check system controls
  • Bacteria detection
  • General inspection
  • Operational testing

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