Ducted split systems

Ducted split systems

When you require an air conditioning system and are looking to cool or heat your entire home evenly then a ducted system air conditioning gold coast could be the choice for you. Although the installation and material cost is more than a high wall split system they are overall more energy efficient and they also allow you to keep your home looking very modern and tidy.

One of the best things about ducted systems is that the indoor unit is not visible as it is generally installed inside the ceiling. In fact from inside your home the only parts you can see are the supply, return air grills and your wall controller while outside consists of just the outdoor unit just like a high wall split system. The grills and the wall controller are designed to lock onto the ceiling or wall and create a finish as if the parts were supposed to be there. As they are designed to cool larger areas evenly they generally have a grill in each room and these grills can be zoned.

Zoning is a method that is installed into your system enabling you to control your room’s temperature or shut the room off entirely. You may only be spending time in your living area and your main bedroom for example so you can turn the other rooms off and enjoy more air supplied from the grills you are using as well as saving money on power rather than wasting it on the areas of the house you are not using.

Every house or building is designed differently so an inspection is needed when quoting unless you can provide us your floor and ceiling plans. If you think this could be an option for you then don’t hesitate in contacting us for a free quotation.

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