High wall split systems

High wall split systems

High wall split systems are the most common choice for homes and buildings. They consist of an indoor unit hanging securely to your wall and an outdoor unit sitting in a desired area outside.

They are a great way to cool or heat the space it is fitted and also surrounding rooms or areas. They can be sized for small bedrooms or for large living or office areas and are generally by far the cheapest option when it comes to air conditioning installations. If the indoor unit were fitted in an area where the outdoor unit could sit outside right behind it this would be called back to back.

This is the cheapest option available when it comes to air conditioning. If it were to be installed on an internal wall then the price does vary as more piping is needed as well as a small condensate pump may be required to drain the water away. Although this requires more work to install it is generally by far still the cheapest way to have air conditioning.

Also there is the choice of multi head split systems meaning you can basically have as many indoor units as you need running off the 1 outdoor unit which is a great way to keep your outdoor area more vacant and open.

Generally quotes for these types of systems can be done through email or over the phone. If the installation seems more technical then usual you can send us your floor plans or still organise for us to come by for a free quote and discuss the options that best suits you.

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