Prices vary depending on the time of year you’ve chosen to look into a new a/c system.
We have access to all leading brands so if you have a favourite brand in mind we can provide a competitive price for you.
A full price list can be provided to you by contacting us via email at the time of which you wish to buy.
All quotes are free!

Service/ Maintenance

1 x high wall split system                     $80.00

1 x ducted split system                        $120.00

1 x cassette split system                     $90.00

Additional high wall split systems       $40.00

Additional ducted split systems          $80.00

Additional cassette split systems       $55.00

(Commercial prices reduced as per maintenance schedule)

Diagnosis and repair

Callout and half hour labour            $80.00

Callout and 1 hour labour                 $140.00

Additional half hour                          $40.00

Additional hour                                 $80.00


Prices are quoted due to variations of all types of installs.
If you’ve been quoted from another fully certified company then let us see if we can beat it!
Our prices are very competitive and all our quotes are free!

Corporate Cooling

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